Click on the category link below to view the skills videos in that category. Skills are divided into one of 6 categories:

Each category will have several videos related to that topic, because they have common traits. For instance, washing skills (which will include hand and nail care, foot care and partial bedbath) are grouped together because all washing skills are done the same way and adhere to the same “rules” (check the water, have the patient check the water, basins are “no soap zones”, whatever you wash, you rinse; whatever you rinse you dry, warm lotion before applying and wipe off excess). More information about the categories and their “rules” will be covered on the category page.

Remember, the care plan MUST be followed for every skill! The care plans for all of the skills are located below the videos for your reference. You won’t be successful during the test if you don’t know what that patient will require from you!